How to select a sunscreen?

The purpose of sun protection is to avoid UV damage to the skin. In addition to avoiding tanning, there are also skin aging and skin cancer that may be caused by sun exposure. If you don’t want to get a tan, the highest principle is not to go out from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. At this time, the ultraviolet rays are the strongest and it is easy to get sunburned. If you have to go out, be sure to hold an umbrella and wear a hat to protect your eyes and skin. The last step is use sunscreen.
What types of sunscreen are there?
1. Chemical sunscreens are a thin liquid formula. They absorb light, convert it into heat, and expel it from the skin. And often have skin care benefits such as moisturizing and anti-aging.

2. Physical mineral sunscreens generally have a thick consistency and use titanium dioxide and zinc oxide ingredients to physically block and reflect the sun's rays. This type of sunscreen is more suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin types. However, mineral sunscreens usually require more frequent reapplication.

3. The third sunscreen is a combination of chemical and physical filters designed to achieve the benefits of both.
Which SPF is right for you?
Dermatologists said that the principle of choosing a sunscreen factor is "the less you get sun exposure, the lower the factor". For example, if indoor workers are sitting in the office, choose SPF 15 to 25; outdoor workers can choose SPF 25 to 50. If you go outdoors, swimming and other sunbathing activities, you should choose SPF50 sunscreen.

In the past, the American medical community suggested that a good sunscreen product (especially for UVA1 sunscreen) must be able to protect the critical wavelength above 370nm. The higher the critical wavelength of sunscreen products, the stronger the protection against UVA1. A product whose critical wavelength exceeds 370nm represents at least a certain effect on UVA1 protection. If it reaches the critical wavelength above 380mm, it is an advanced sunscreen. The larger the value, the greater the sunscreen breadth.
How to choose physical or chemical sunscreen ?
Usually, physical sunscreens have limited protective effect against ultraviolet wavelengths after 370nm. If you stay indoors for a long time, you can choose physical sunscreens, but if you need to engage in outdoor activities, you still have to rely on chemical sunscreens.

Many people have the myth that they only need sun protection in summer. In fact, it is wrong to pay attention to sun protection when the weather is hot. Sometimes, although the temperature drops and the ultraviolet rays are still strong, it is still necessary to wear sun protection before going out. Dermatologists recommend that no matter the weather is sunny or cloudy , sunscreen is required.
HD Ultra-light Hydrating Sunscreen Essence SPF50
HD Ultra-light Hydrating Sunscreen Essence SPF50
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